Friday, May 29, 2009

Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test

Tomorrow, May 30, 2009 will be an interesting day. Some of our more geeky customers will attempt to synchronize multiple launches of their virtual Shuttles in preparation for the main event: a "real" multiple launch, synchronized with the NASA countdown during the upcoming STS-127 mission on June 13, 2009. This will be their "Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test" if you want, preceeding the real NASA STS-127 TCDT by one day.

The selected mission is STS-96 (the closest to STS-127 from the the orbit inclination and lauch time window point of view).

The participants will meet tomorrow on the SSM2007 TeamSpeak server at 18:00UTC, synchronize their systems and socialize until "resume countdown" approximately at 18:30UTC matching the MET: T-00:30:00. After that, it's all on automatic.

It is expected that when the MET reaches 00:00:00, several virtual SSM2007 Space Shuttles will shoot to the sky at the same time, and pressing on at least until MECO, approximately 8 minutes after liftoff.

Some of us will be listening in,"watching" and following the event with our own Shuttles.

Check event details here:

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