Friday, August 28, 2009

STS-128 Sync Launch Event

Together with NASA, we shall also be attempting a (virtual) launch and join the real STS-128 Discovery with our own simulated one, from T-00:09:00, through liftoff and up to MECO, and beyond.

Sync Launch Parameters:
  1. Meeting time: Friday, August 28, 23:00 EDT (roughly one hour before NASA's scheduled launch time of 23:59 EDT). Check your local time at:
  2. Mission to use: STS-116 - same Orbiter, same Inclination, same Altitude and a "night" launch.
  3. Mission Elapsed Time: Prepare a save at the end of the T-00:09:00 Hold, just after the Sim "Resume Countdown" command, but DO NOT press the EVENT TIMER CONTROL switch.

Preparing for the Sync Launch:

  1. Join the SSM2007 TeamSpeak Server and enter the "STS-128 launch" Room. To join the SSM2007 TeamSpeak, go to SSM Fans Wiki and click on the CONNECT TeamSpeak button on the lower left side of the main page.
  2. Test the mike and headset/speakers and join the discussion.
  3. Start NASATV
  4. Start the Space Shuttle Mission Sim and load the T-00:09:00 save you prepared in advance as explained above.

Synchronizing and launch

  1. Listen in the NASATV and wait for the real NASA "Resume Countdown" command after the T-00:09:00 Hold.
  2. Push the EVENT TIMER CONTROL spring-loaded switch to the START position at the moment you hear the NASA "Resume Countdown, .....mark" command. From this moment on, you're on your own. Follow the simulator instructions, APU start, etc. until liftoff.

Please note that due to network delays affecting the NASATV video stream, there may be a time difference between the actual NASA events at KSC and what you see on NASATV locally.

Godspeed Discovery!