Sunday, September 20, 2009

SSM2007 Service Pack 4.05 released today.

The new mini Service Pack (SP 4.05) is cleared for release.

Main topics covered:
  • Change: Default Vernier rate for DAP A and B changed to 1.0

  • Change: HUD flare indicators and guidance diamond auto-declutter during final flare.

  • Change: PULSE mode translation time is now dependant on the TRANS PULSE setting in DAP.

  • Change: PULSE mode rotation not limited to the rate settings in DAP config.

  • Change: RCS translation is inhibited during Time Skip (user request).

  • Change: Easier Keypad Input: no need to type all digits, and the comma is used more intuitively (user request).

  • Fixed: Translation velocity.

  • Fixed: STS-125,STS-103 and STS-41c re-grapple.

  • Fixed: Misc minor bugs.

SP4.05 can be downloaded from the official SSM2007 website.