Monday, November 30, 2009

New Features (mini) Pack v4.25 and Commander's Reference Manual v3.6 released today

We are happy to release today a new mini-Pack with some cool goodies to get you through to Christmas when we will be releasing the next Mission Pack - the last for 2009.

This new mini-Pack contains some cool features to assist with the docking procedure, and some more eye candy to boot:

  • Added: ISS PMA ACSMI LEDs active and reflect the ISS ACS Modding
  • Added: Docking distance to PMA callouts-Added: Docking guidance callouts
  • Change: Additional improvements to the ISS 3D model, mainly textures, bump maps and shaders.

The new Commander's Reference Manual v3.6 includes all the additions and changes up to and including SSM v4.25, and above (until further notice). Make sure you download it and check page 123 for the "changes from version 3.5" table.