Monday, April 5, 2010

STS-130 Synchronized Launch is on: set your sim to STS-128

STS-131 has a very similar profile to STS-128, same MPLM load and launch parameters, inclination, atitude, etc.

The Synch Launch event is on: set your sim to STS-128, join the SSM2007 TeamSpeak and synch the event by unpausing the sim at the exact time the T-0:09:00 hold ends. If you want, you can be online way before T-0:09:00 and perform some of the tasks the Discovery crew does, depending when you joined the mission.

Have fun escorting the real STS-130 with your virtual Space Shuttle from T-01:50:00 to MECO and beyond. Don't forget that you can also synch your docking, deorb, approach and landing events too, although those are less predictable - at least at the real mission end :)

For those doing the entire mission in real time, you are invited to mimic the real EVAs by moving the astros at the exact locations the real EV teams move, and deploying and berthing Leonardo when those events happen on orbit. Do you have two weeks to spare?

After this one, we have two more synchronized launch events to perform before the STS program is retired.

See you all on orbit!