Wednesday, May 26, 2010

STS Quiz: there are 2 x SSMS and 10 x F-SIM Shuttle for iPhone to be won!

Space Shuttle Atlantis has just finished her last day in space with a picture perfect landing at the Kennedy Space Center. We are taking the opportunity to celebrate 25 years and 32 successful missions with a quiz about Atlantis and STS in general, and very cool prizes to win: Exciting Simulations is giving away two licenses of the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator for Windows PC, and F-SIM is giving away 10 free licenses of their Space Shuttle for iPhone!
The questions are:
  1. Which was the first Space Shuttle to dock with a Space Station?
  2. Which Shuttle flew the first DoD mission?
  3. Which Space Shuttle was delivered to Kennedy Space Center on April 9, 1985?
  4. How many DoD missions did Atlantis fly?
  5. Which runways are available for landing in F-SIM Space Shuttle?
  6. How many missions are currently simulated in the Space Shuttle Mission Simulator for PC?
In order to participate, you must join the SSMS and F-SIM forums and send your answers as a PM to the Admins.